Mooshroom Clothing Brand Guideline

This is an independent project done for my personal brand Mooshroom. Mooshroom is a sustainable clothing brand based around being both affordable and adorable! I created a personal guideline including basic elements for the brand such as logo, color palette, mock-up’s, etc. I included imagery both to show my inspirations as well as my final product. To view the full guide, click the button below.

Bar Menu Sign-01

Victoria & Benjamin Aguire: Wedding Signage

One of my best friends gave me the special opportunity to design the signage for her wedding! I was given a color scheme, fonts, and theme to go with but had free reign for overall design. This project was extremely rewarding as it really taught me how to marry my personal style with the desires of my client, especially when given so much free will with concept and design.

Woodland Direct Welcome Series

This series was a refresh of an original welcome campaign. I was tasked to make the series more reflective of the current branding as well as have a very editorial and stylized feel. I was given a lot of creative freedom with this project, only collaborating with our content manager for content. I have included a PDF version of the emails for better viewing experience.

React Media_Madison Zaremba
React Media Logo-01
React Media Slide Mock-up

React Media Branding

With the given criteria from the client in relation to what they were looking for, I was able to produce this guideline as possible branding for their business. The client was looking for branding that depicted their company as friendly, welcoming, well-researched, and accurate. They also asked that variations of yellows, white, and blacks be incorporated into the branding as well. With this in mind, I created a logo and color palette that I felt best reflected the given criteria. I also created a mock-up slide that could be used for the brand.

ABC Book: In The Home

This project’s theme was creating a ABC around a particular theme of curated imagery resembling the alphabet. The theme I decided on was items around the home. I would find items within my home that looked like letters, and then create a design that depicted the letter “hiding” within the home, just as the letters hide in plain sight in the original photos. Linked below is the entire PDF booklet.

100K Ideas Logos and Graphics

These logo designs and graphics were created to be used for different programs and projects through 100K Ideas. All logos incorporate the primary 100K Ideas logo  and uses their standard font, Neutra Display.  The graphics were created for the Get Involved page and use 100K Ideas branding colors and standards.

100K Ideas Social Media Posts

Each of these posts were created and used on the 100K Idea’s social media accounts. Almost all incorporate their color palette and all use their standard font, Neutra Display. The intended feeling they wanted to have expressed through their posts is welcoming, friendly, and encouraging, which is something I tried to incorporate into each post created for the company.

Alcona Canoe Rental Brochure Redesign

I had the pleasure of re-designing a brochure for Alcona Canoe Rental in Glennie, MI. I incorporated their updated logo, colors, and overall branding into the new design, and created a more clean and clear layout to help make the content easier to read and understand. Imagery from the the river was also included to make it more personal and connected.

30th Annual Student Art Exhibition Digital Flyers

I had the opportunity the to draft a digital flyer for the upcoming UM-Flint 2021 student art exhibition. My flyer was considered a long with many other amazing student designs. Due to the digital nature of the exhibition, I incorporated elements in relation to technology and creating connections through it creatively. UM-Flint branding colors were also used in the creation of this flyer.

Guideline cover mockup

Vaccine Education Program: Resource Guide

For this amazing project I was able to collaborate with a team of designers to create a resource guide for the Flint community in relation to vaccine education. Together we created a zine layout and included hand selected icons and personally captured imagery from the community. We also worked along community representatives, pharmacy students, and public health students to create a project plan and gather information.