"Heading Out"

This project was centered around the idea of wonder or the unknown. The story of these shots are of a woman who is starting her journey through life. Taking a leap of faith and “heading out” without a plan, but with wonder guiding her way. All images were styled, shot, and edited by me. I stylized them with a more of a vintage feel as I felt this storyline was a very common trope in old films.

"Talking Hands"

This series was based around the idea of capturing different hands doing activities that represent who we are as people and what our hands say about us. This series has since become extremely dear to me after the loss of my grandfather on March 12th, 2020. His and my grandmother’s hands show years of hard work, life and strength, and I am happy I was able to capture that for this project. 

"Support and Criticism"

For this project I wanted to depict the roles we play in our own lives and really depict the idea of self love versus self hate. The model is seen berating herself  but also consoling herself,  showing how we can be both our biggest critic and our strongest supporter. Images were set in a more personal setting and styling to fully capture the intimacy of self reflection and critique.

100K Ideas Headshots

I have had the privilege of taking some of the headshots for some of the new 100K Ideas staff in the recent months, as well as some stock imagery. All photos were taken and edited by me.